AI and the Humanities, & much more...

As a higher education leader, scholar, and writer, I am the Executive Director of the Krebs Center for the Humanities, exploring the emerging landscape of AI and the humanities through my work as Principal Investigator of a $1.2M Mellon Foundation HUMAN AI grant.

MY background

As a (former) provost and dean, scholar, and humanities center director, I'm currently exploring the ethical, social, and cultural dimensions of AI. My work seeks to equip students, faculty, and professionals with the critical thinking skills to navigate this rapidly evolving landscape.


Artificial Intelligence

I explore Artificial Intelligence through a humanist lens, emphasizing ethics and responsible use. I offer talks, workshops, and custom programs for any organization.

Digital Humanities

I have led grants from the Mellon Foundation and the National Endowment for the Humanities. My work has appeared at the Chicago Humanities Festival and Chicago History Museum.

Creative Projects

As a fiction writer and performer, I focus on the unexpected. Through immersive workshops and collaborations, I help people tap their creative potential for any undertaking.

Literature, Music, and Culture

As a Professor of English, I lead discussions about literature, music, and the arts, interview authors and artists, and am always at the ready to discuss the Grateful Dead.


My work spans novels and scholarship, research about AI and the humanities, and higher education leadership. I've had the honor of sharing my ideas through major grants, interactive workshops, and provocative performances at venues like the Chicago Humanities Festival. [Project webpage currently in development.]
"Artificial Intelligence is a transformative force in modern society, and it is affecting everything from job markets to social interactions. We need a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary approach to consider the technical, ethical, social, and economic dimensions."

-Davis Schneiderman to the Chicago Tribune