About Davis Schneiderman

Davis Schneiderman is a leader in higher education, an interdisciplinary scholar, and a creative practitioner currently working at the intersection of artificial intelligence and the humanities.
With a distinguished career spanning roles as Provost and Dean of the Faculty, Professor of English, and currently Executive Director of the Krebs Center for the Humanities, Davis brings a unique perspective to the critical issues surrounding AI and its impact on society.

HUMAN in the Loop

As Principal Investigator of the $1.2M Mellon Foundation grant 'HUMAN: Humanities Understanding of the Machine-Assisted Nexus,' Davis leads an initiative to explore the ethical, social, and cultural dimensions of AI. His work seeks to bridge the gap between technical expertise and humanistic understanding, fostering a more responsible approach to AI development and deployment.

Alongside his leadership in AI and the humanities, Davis is a scholar and creative practitioner. His novels, digital humanities projects, and performances expand the boundaries of form and meaning, inviting audiences to consider the interplay between technology, culture, and the human experience.

Davis has read and performed around the country and world, including at the Chicago Humanities Festival, the Ukrainian Embassy in Washington D.C, the University of London Institute in Paris, and in venues in Germany, Denmark, Belgium, and Morocco, among others. His journalism and interviews have appeared in numerous publications, including Harpers.org, The Chicago Tribune, and The Iowa Review. He was a long-time contributor for The Huffington Post, and has interviewed John Waters, Regina Taylor, and Aleksandar Hemon, among many others.